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Fast Variable Swapping
Learn how to do the fastest integer swap possible.
Pause your application
Ever wanted to pause your app for 200 ms? This snippet shows you how to do that.
Using a Logfile
This code snippet tells you how to use a logfile in your applications.
Platform Indepentent Timer
Shows how to use a platform indepentent timer that can be used with every OS.
Execute System Commands
If you want to program your own shell, this is the right snippet for you! Executing system commands is really easy.
Dynamic Type Information
About getting information about a variable at runtime.
FPS Indepentent Games
How to program games that run at the same speed whatever power the user's CPU has..
Loading TGA image files
This code snippets shows you platform-independent code to load TGA's.
Using POSIX Threads
This code snippet will show how easy it is to use threads under Unix operation systems.
Using MySQL
If you have ever been interested in knowing how to connect to a MySQL database with C/C++ then you're right here.
Listing Files Under Linux
The well-known unix command 'ls' needs exactly that what will be explained here!
Apache: C/C++ script
Short code snippet that shows how to setup Apache to run applications as cgi scripts along with a C/C++ code snippet as example.

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