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[ Overview ]

This snippet shows you how to fade to a certain color in OpenGL.
Mouse Dragging
Learn how to move your viewport or objects depending on how the mouse moved.
Check for OGL acceleration
Does the user have a OpenGL accelerated graphics card? Want to know it? Then read this!
Drawing A Mouse Cursor
The second OpenGL-Mouse code snippet. This time it is about how to draw a little mouse
Shapes I: Drawing A Circle
Circles are beautiful shapes, aren't they? Take a look here to see how they are drawn!
Shapes II: Drawing An Ellipse
In the second Shapes snippet, you'll see that drawing an ellipse is not more difficult than drawing a circle!
Vertical Syncronisation - VSync
Learn how to enable/disable VSync and to check whether it it is turned on or off.
Window to OpenGL coordinates
To convert window coordinates to GL coords and vice versa is not too hard!
Drawing to a texture
Ever wanted to know how to draw a scene to an OpenGL texture? You're right here!
Using OpenGL Extensions
The basics about using OpenGL extensions. Simple and quick.
The Vertex Buffer Extension
The 'ARB_vertex_buffer_object' extension is something really interesting so don't miss it!
gluPerspective Replacement
gluPerspective(..) is one of those important functions everyone needs so why don't have our version?
Anisotropic Filtering
A nice and easy code snippet that shows you how to use the famous OpenGL extension GL_EXT_texture_filter_anisotropic.

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