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[ StoneOut ]

Latest Version: Alpha 2


Stoneout is a 3d breakout clone with extras, highscores and other gimmicks. Some of the extras available in the game: multiball, gun, powerball and other. A key feature of the game will be that it is "upgradeable": If you have finished all levels you will be able to download new maps from this site! At the moment you can only download a very early version of the game. It doesn't feature all the things the final version will have. If you have comments or suggestions then take at look the SteinSOFT.net forum!

News & History

What's new in Stoneout Alpha 2:



Stoneout Alpha 2 (392 KB) L A T E S T V E R S I O N

Old versions:
Stoneout Alpha 1 (316 KB)

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