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[ Overview ]

Fast Keyboard/Mouse Test
Easy, Fast and Good Keyboard/Mouse Test without the message handler.
Playing Soundfiles
About how to play sound files normally and from memory (very fast).
Enumerating Files In A Directory
Enumerating files located in a certain directory at runtime is really easy.
Drag & Drop Of Files
Make your application respond on the files dragged from the Explorer.
Setting the Screenmode
About how to change the screen resolution.
Using a Joystick
How to get a Joystick's position and button state? Take a look here!
Copying Text to the Clipboard
Hmm.. nothing to add to such a self-explanatory title.
Using Popup menus with Mfc
This code snippet shows the magic about context menus.
RGB Colour Values
Everything about colour values under Windows.
Changing File Attributes with Mfc
A snippet for the cheaters among us...

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