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[ Christmas 2002 ]

Latest Version: 1.1


Christmas 2002 is an OpenGL Tetris clone that features everything a good Tetris game has to have. As the name already imposes, the game has Christmas as main theme: snowflakes are falling in the background, nice Christmas music is playing and the blocks are Christmas gift boxes. Beside this Christmas atmosphere, the game has a highscore list and a options menu that lets the user choose how the game looks like. To satisfy every Tetris fan, the game can either be played in windowed or fullscreen mode.

Being programmed using the platform independent libraries OpenGL and SDL, the game is both available for Linux and Windows. For those interested to see how the game is programmed, the source code can be downloaded too.

NOTE FOR PROGRAMMERS: If you want to run your self-compiled version of Christmas 2002 you have to get the data folder from the binary distribution.

News & History

Version 1.1



Christmas 2002 1.1 Win & Linux Binary (3,5 MB)

Christmas 2002 Linux Source (526 KB)
Christmas 2002 Windows Source (370 KB)

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