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New server @ 2008-01-23 18:49:29

steinsoft.net has moved to a new server so there might still be some small things that don't work but I tried to get everything working without users noticing a server change. Although updates on steinsoft are very rare by now (sic), the content won't be lost and will still be available for a long time ;-). On a free spot of time I might do a site update and upload some new stuff. But nothing promised. Happy coding anyway.

posted by André Stein.

Soccer WC 2006 coming up @ 2006-06-08 00:57:56

The World Soccer Chamionship in Germany is coming up in two days and to provide a little service for all those football fans out there, I created a match plan that includes all groups, countries and matches until the finals.

Just use it to mark your results or simply to get informed on whats playing next. Its really handy so get it here.

posted by André Stein.

opengldialog update @ 2006-03-30 16:35:54

I just uploaded an improved version of OpenGLDialog which corrects a little bugs that messed up the message queue as described in the message board. Special thanks to Steven Schkolne who made the right change. The tutorial has been updated too.

posted by André Stein.

new layout @ 2006-02-12 01:50:10

I've uploaded the new layout I presented in the last news post. There might still be some layout bugs because some pages have been adapted to the old layouts which hadn't fixed size.

I hope to have another site update soon. Still have some unfinished business .. code. Happy c0ding!

posted by André Stein.

new layout coming @ 2006-02-03 18:26:10

After a time of far too few updates, I thought the time has come to work again more on the site. Last update post is about half a year ago and there I announced I would release a new layout soon.. But this time it's really true ;-). The old layout test has been improved and completely coded from scratch as it didn't really work on internet explorer. This time I started to test it on ie right from the beginning to get it working on that i-don't-know-what-standard-it-has browser. But it's working and it will be made public soon. You can see the latest sketch here.

I will also spend some time doing new stuff for the site and at top priority I will finally release the Mfc/Mdi/Opengl code I was planning to finish long time ago. It's pretty ready but there are still some bugs popping up. Then my coding-todo list is quite long and there are quite a lot of projects that wait to be started ;-)

As a tiny site update I replaced the old svector in the code section by a new one which is templated and generally cleaner code. So, happy c0ding!

posted by André Stein.

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