This is the place where you can find code snippets about different programming subjects. They show you how to do something in some lines of code along with a little explanation. Do also want to write a code snippet or you want me to write something you are interested in? Then m@il me now!


Learn how to do the fastest integer swap possible.
Ever wanted to pause your app for 200 ms? This snippet shows you how to do that.
This code snippet tells you how to use a logfile in your applications.
Shows how to use a platform indepentent timer that can be used with every OS.
If you want to program your own shell, this is the right snippet for you! Executing system commands is really easy.
About getting information about a variable at runtime.
How to program games that run at the same speed whatever power the user's CPU has..
This code snippets shows you platform-independent code to load TGA's.
This code snippet will show how easy it is to use threads under Unix operation systems.
If you have ever been interested in knowing how to connect to a MySQL database with C/C++ then you're right here.
The well-known unix command 'ls' needs exactly that what will be explained here!
Short code snippet that shows how to setup Apache to run applications as cgi scripts along with a C/C++ code snippet as example.


This snippet shows you how to fade to a certain color in OpenGL.
Learn how to move your viewport or objects depending on how the mouse moved.
Does the user have a OpenGL accelerated graphics card? Want to know it? Then read this!
The second OpenGL-Mouse code snippet. This time it is about how to draw a little mouse
Circles are beautiful shapes, aren't they? Take a look here to see how they are drawn!
In the second Shapes snippet, you'll see that drawing an ellipse is not more difficult than drawing a circle!
Learn how to enable/disable VSync and to check whether it it is turned on or off.
To convert window coordinates to GL coords and vice versa is not too hard!
Ever wanted to know how to draw a scene to an OpenGL texture? You're right here!
The basics about using OpenGL extensions. Simple and quick.
The 'ARB_vertex_buffer_object' extension is something really interesting so don't miss it!
gluPerspective(..) is one of those important functions everyone needs so why don't have our version?
A nice and easy code snippet that shows you how to use the famous OpenGL extension GL_EXT_texture_filter_anisotropic.


Code snippet showing you how to use OpenGL textures with SDL correctly.
SDL also makes using OpenGL extensions really easy.


This snippet shows you how to read ID3 v1 tags from MP3 files.
This code snippet will show you how to write text into a textfile.


Easy, Fast and Good Keyboard/Mouse Test without the message handler.
About how to play sound files normally and from memory (very fast).
Enumerating files located in a certain directory at runtime is really easy.
Make your application respond on the files dragged from the Explorer.
About how to change the screen resolution.
How to get a Joystick's position and button state? Take a look here!
Hmm.. nothing to add to such a self-explanatory title.
This code snippet shows the magic about context menus.
Everything about colour values under Windows.
A snippet for the cheaters among us...

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