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Latest Version: 0.1


glwaver is a simple OpenGL application using SDL as framework library. I have written the code to play around with 'waves' as physical objects. There are two demo modes available in this app that can be chosen: there is a simple rope wave that animates an OpenGL line strip with some given wave attributes. The second wave animates a 64x64 plane with two waves that interfer orthogonally which should be some sort of pseudo realistic water waves. Actually it looks quite okay {grin}.

This application - along with full source code - might be interesting for people who want to integrate some easy to use wave model in their app. I've also coded a little helper class that makes using waves quite easy. Simply take a look at the code.

The code is programmed under linux and I have Unix makefiles only. But as I am using SDL & OpenGL, the same code should compile without changes under Windows or other OS's that are supported by those libraries.

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Version 0.1



glwaver 0.1 source code (337 KB)

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