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[ glanimetex ]

Latest Version: 1.0


glanimetex is a little OpenGL application that shows you how to animate textures in realtime. Every frame, the two objects' - a sphere and a cube - textures will be updated. All this is done using two colour arrays only and without loading any texture from file. As it can be seen in the source code, this is really easy to do. Theoratically you could now code your own raw drawing functions and animate these textures with e.g. circles or whatever you want.

This application has been programming using SDL so make sure you have the latest development library installed. As SDL is platform-independent this code has been proved to compile under Linux & Windows. A VC++ project is included for convenience too.

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Version 1.0



glanimetex 1.0 linux & windows source - windows binary included (345 KB)

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